Scalable learning platform delivered to your learner’s instant messaging (IM) app



What we do?

Who are we?

IM Learning Systems (IMLS) is a scalable learning platform that runs on any instant messaging (IM) app - Whatsapp, Telegram, Kakao, WeChat and Line. IMLS uses exclusive technology to power the platform

IMLS is a B2B solution that focuses on the language education sector and has been developed specifically for language schools and language related businesses

IMLS combines the use of live teachers and customized content to deliver a rich and engaging learning experience, conveniently, on the learner’s phone




Teacher in your pocket



Rich content and materials



Learner gets 1-on-1 attention

IMLS language learners are highly engaged, and learn quickly and effectively

Learners can learn conveniently on their already installed instant messaging apps on their phones -- anytime, anywhere

Learners get a personalized one-on-one experience with a live teacher, at a better value and price than other options like private tutoring, or Skype lessons

IM apps are powerful teaching tools, utilizing text, emoticons, images, videos, and audio to provide a rich learning experience

The live one-on-one teaching format, and rich customized content allow learners to be highly engaged, and as a result, learners improve quickly, and gain confidence speaking

Our Services

Use your brand to offer additional services to your learners, while we execute the IM Learning platform for you. We do the work for you!

Scalability - unlimited number of learners on the platform

Scalability - unlimited number of learners on the platform

Operational execution and management of the platform

Operational execution and management of the platform

Development of customized content and products / services to fit your learner’s needs

Development of customized content and products / services to fit your learner’s needs

Sourcing, qualifying, and training teachers

Sourcing, qualifying, and training teachers

Teaching classes

Teaching classes

Payment processing

Payment processing

Customer service

Customer service

Why should you use the IMLS platform for your school or business?

Digital learning is the fastest growing category in the language learning market and will represent a growing percentage of the overall market

Language learning will increasingly take place on the phone

Add IMLS as an additional or supplemental product to your existing services

Remarket to all the learners already in your database that are not currently active

Additional revenue and income with no capital/cash investment requirements, and no execution work - ‘We do the work for you!’

Test Case study - IM Mr. English

Developed IM Mr. English and marketed directly to learners all over the world to test the IMLS platform

Students valued the flexible hours, interaction with native English teachers, convenience and low price

During the test period, students paid $50 to $100 U.S. dollars per month for the service

High student satisfaction and retention

The test showed that learners can learn English effectively over messaging apps and are willing to pay for the service

IMLS acquired deep knowledge and experience delivering language learning services over messaging apps

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